About Us

ZimbaMusic is a Zimbabwean music promotion website which was founded by Prosper Solomontz and Ixe Golden with the goal and aspiration of putting Zimbabwean music on the world entertainment map. The two parties, Prosper and Golden, started collecting and studying music around 2019. Their passion carried them forward and gave birth to the zimbamusic.co.zw website/blog.


Meet the ZimbaMusic dedicated team. We spend tons of time working on this website to give Zimbabweans the best content and information about the origins of Zimbabwean music and its present state. On this entertainment blog, we work as a team of two enthusiastic young music fanatics. Check out our profiles below:





Prosper Solomontz, he is a professional blogger and entertainment enthusiast who spends most of his time digging into how people react to and love music globally. Blogging isn’t a class subject for him, Prosper Solomontz was tutored by some expert bloggers who have been around the content distribution globe for more than 10 years. In 2019, that is when the idea slowly sank in his mind. Prosper collected music released from the 60s up to today’s date with the endeavour of putting Zimbabwean music on the limelight and to keep its history. Being also a publisher at Riddims World [riddimsworld(dot)com] and a publishing administrator at a Zimbabwean Dancehall Site [dancehall(dot)co(dot)zw] for over 2 years, he has unbelievable and exceptional knowledge in Web Development. Apart from this blogging and website development, Prosper Solomontz is eager to learn more and more about music, it runs in his veins.



Ixe Golden, having worked as a full-time sound engineer at CrossRoads Music Zimbabwe. He holds unto himself a limitless affection of music. Ixe Golden has deep knowledge in the origins of Zimbabwean music and starves to throw it out to the world.  For the love of music, Ixe Golden dropped all his Sound Engineer and Deejay occupations to bring good music to the world. The combination of his mindset with Prosper Solomntz’s brought about the ZimbaMusic site. Ixe Golden is looking forward to furthering his knowledge in Web Development and blogging despite being one of the most competitive folks out there. Thanks and Glory be to God!