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  • ZimbaMusic is the best Zimbabwean music promotion website as per date. It has thousands of albums, riddims, singles, mixtapes, and videos available in all genres. Get in contact with ZimbaMusic for:


Music Promotion

  • To promote your music on ZimbaMusic contact us on our Facebook Page MUSIC PLATFORM ZIMBABWE or email us at Please note that music promotion is not for free and your song or album goes through strict approval formality of reviewing your lyrics, vocals, and track quality.


  • ZimbaMusic is not only music promotion oriented. We believe in uplifting small, medium, and well-established businesses and organizations. We offer all types of advertisements including header banner ads, sidebar banner ads, and popups at different rates. Contact us on our Facebook Page MUSIC PLATFORM ZIMBABWE or reach us via email at

DMCA Complaints

  • We are the best music website for Zimbabwean produce, in spite of this, we work diligently with the said copyright holders or representatives to remove infringing content from this website. Contact us at or on our Facebook Page MUSIC PLATFORM ZIMBABWE. Please note that when reporting or filing a DMCA complaint you must project full details to confirm your legitimacy in the copyright claim. ZimbaMusic will respond to “any and all take-down requests” that comply with the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and other applicable intellectual property laws.

Other Inquiries

  • If you have other inquiries which are not mentioned above. Please kindly contact us at this email, We are open for business with artists and producers not only limited to the mentioned but also individuals with suggestions or any other form of contribution. Thank You!