poptain ft anita jaxson more



Song Title: More

Artiste: Poptain Ft. Anita Jaxson

Producer: Leekay Production

Compilation Title: Single

Year: 2021

Genre: Afro-Beats


“Let’s just say things just don’t always go as planned”, that is the first caption of the song. Why? It is because this song by Poptain and Anita titled ‘More‘ came out as a coincidence. After the two had a failed show at Kariba, they decided to take each other photos, the idea developed into a music video. Poptain quote the following on the description of the track;

After our Kariba show didn’t happen the team and I were taking some photos and then decided to switch it up and record a video, we had recorded the demo before with Leekay Di Man so it made sense to shoot a small video. A few weeks later @Anita Jaxson and I decide we just want to put it out now for the people to enjoy.

Yes, it wasn’t totally unplanned. The song had already been recorded a demo with Leekay Di Man. Matters got serious when the video was shot and fans later got their present. Some photos of the day the music video was shot made rumours circulate implying the two were dating. It turns out maybe they were just trying to hype their track. Just like what Anita and Jah Master did last year on their track dubbed Unonzani. Enjoy a track titled More by Poptain and Anita Jaxson!