The Zimdancehall chanter, Ndunge Yut, is reportedly going insane. A video of him moving around out of sanity is circulating on the internet. This guy has so much potential, let it not be so. He released a new album this year dubbed, “Last Seen Album“. Some people have commented and prejudiced the actions as strong drug influence. Others are suspecting it might be a skit to gain traction and promote his music. This is what the audience is now thinking nowadays, but sometimes a person might be having problems. It is the same thing that happened when our own Enzo Ishall temporarily quit music, with his then last song “Ehee“. He said he had problems, and people were remorseful but understood. Then the music prowess returned to the music scene in no time with the song “Zuva Risingasvike“, this made him an attention seeker.

We pray and wish Ndunge Yut recovers soon. The best thought we could have is he was drunk. The idea of someone being insane is not easy to swallow. Obviously, something was wrong, because he was filmed moving around mysteriously and smashing a BMW windscreen with a stick. Watch the video below: